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It is a great honor for us to welcome you to the homepage of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society.


The International Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society was founded in Bad Kissingen (Bavaria, Germany) in 1974. The founder and the president firstly was Professor Claus-Frenz Claussen. He organized and conducted a lot of international congresses, which took place in his home town of Bad Kissingen in every even year. So, from 1974 to 2014 he organized the annual "International Congress of Neurootologists", which is attended by participants from 33 countries.


At the 41st Congress of the NES in 2014 he declared his retirement. The members’ Assembly of the Neurootological and Equilibrimetric Society decided the NES headquarter' transposition from Bad Kissingen, Germany to Budapest, Hungary. The transposition was completed in 2015.


The aims of the Society are :promote clinical neurootology in practice and in the field of clinical research; inform doctors and paramedical interested in this field in making neurootological diagnosis, paying special attention to tests of functional equilibrium, audiometry, olfactometry and gustometry; standardize clinical methods of research and research equipment in the field of neurootology; create functional anthropometric standards in the field of neurootology; develop provisional principles of occupational medical character for employees recruited for occupations particularly straining the neurootological functioning of the senses ,enable participation with the help of neurootological and medical advice in the development of new transport technologies and other technologies, where disorientation strain occurs; develop and advance the various approaches for treatment of the neurootological disorders.


Our congresses have a traditional form of NES Congresses focusing scientific presentation of papers submitted by attendants from all over the world.


Traditionally the main Topics of the Congresses:


  • Modern Clinical Neurootology
  • Equilibriometry
  • Audiometry
  • Tinnitology
  • Olfactometry, gustometry
  • Neurosensorial degenerations in old age patients
  • Pharmacotherapy for neurootological patients.
  • Physical therapy for neurootological patients.
  • Free Papers



Welcome on the home page

Àgnes Szirmai, MD, PhD,

President of the NES