Dear NES Members, dear Colleagues, dear friends,

We are pleased to inform you that the 49 th Congress of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society was successfully performed, in an online form. Unfortunately, the pandemic of COVID 19 results the cancellation of the 47 th congress in Budapest, and because of difficulties of the oversea traveling we have to face the danger of the cancellation of the further congresses. After analyzing the pandemic situation, only one possibility remained, the choose an online congress without personal attendance. Our last congress, the 48th Congress was an online and onlive congress with the chairmanship of Dr Panayiota Mavrogeni from Cyprus. Because of the remaining pandemic we have to face to the fact, that the 49 th Congress will be also an online congress, consecutively.

Summary of the 49 th Congress:

It was a great honor that professor Mohamed Hamid (Cleveland, Ohio) had accepted our invitation and he had an interesting lecture about the update vestibular disorders. Because of the pandemic we have no possibilities to perform award ceremony the Frenzel- Sakata award winner. We made a virtual ceremony for Junichi Matsushima and we will listen to his award winner lecture about the tinnitus treatments. We could hear 23 oral presentations. The topics were the COVID 19 related vestibular disorders, the examinations and treatment of the vestibular system, the tinnitus, and the old age vertigo. Details are available on the home- page of the congress:

Virtual Members' Assembly decisions:

The virtual members' assembly was held on 26 th of May 2022. The report of the president was accepted. The resume of the previous members' Assembly in Tokyo 2019 was that we have to increase the impact of the NES, and to call new members to the society. Now we have 107 regular members. We had 22 new members in this critical years, 21 from East Asia, due to proposals and activity of Hideaki Sakata. He is very devoted to increase the impact of the NES in the world. After the suggestion of the president professor Hideaki Sakata was elected to a vice president of the NES.

Upcoming congresses of the NES:

- 2023. Belgrade - together with Vertigo Academy International, which is organized by professor Nuri Ozgirgin (Turkey). We will have a NES session within the scientific program.
- 2024. Budapest,
- 2025. The 52th NES congress will be organized in Tokyo, Japan, under the chairmanship of Hideaki Sakata . I hope that we will survive in this critical years and we will feel the spirit of the NES again during our enjoyable personal congresses.

Dr med. habil Àgnes Szirmai

Associate Professor of Semmelweis University

President of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society