Dear NES Members,


This is the 2nd anniversary that the Hungarian Juridical Court registered the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society in Budapest. I have got an urgent letter from our lawyer that the mandate of the office-holders is over. According to the rules of our society, members must vote about the elongation of the office holders, and we cannot remit our duties to our next congress.


Although we had a regular Members’ Assembly during the 44th congress of the NES in Mumbai, but because of the low number of attendants was not quorate. The quorum must be 50% of the members and one person.


That’s why we have to hold an extraordinary Member’s Assembly. It is useful to hold it during a scientific program, so our extraordinary Member’s Assembly will be held in Győr, Hungary, 8th-9th September 2017, during a 2 days long scientific meeting about vestibulogram and VHIT. Professor Halmágyi will be the honorary guest of the meeting. The details of the meeting can be seen in . The language of the meeting is partly English. Our Members’ Assembly will be on 8th September 2017, afternoon, after the scientific program.



The agenda:

1. Report of the last year
2. Reelection of the office-holders
3. Program of the next congress, which will be in Kyiv, Ukraine, under the chairmanship of Professor Trinus.
4. Others

If the member’s assembly is not quorate because of the low number of the presenting members, we will dissolve the member’s assembly, and we will get together again after 15 minutes brake with the same agenda..


I do hope that we will meet in Győr (Hungary) on 8th September. Please, save the date. Even if you couldn’t come because you are living far away from Hungary, please, let me know by e-mail your opinion about the agenda, especially about your vote in personal questions. .


I wish you a happy summer holiday.


24th May, 2017.

Best regards:
Dr Ágnes Szirmai
President of the NES