Dear NES Members, Dear Colleagues!


I am delighted to give you information about the future of the NES.


1. Report from the Member’s Assembly of the 44th congress


The Members’ Assembly of the 44th Congress of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society was held in Mumbai, 04 March 2017. Unfortunately, only few members were there.
We accepted the plans for the future. We must increase the NES member’s number, and the scientific impact of NES. We are intended to teach the NES protocol all over the world.
We accepted the foundation of the BUDAPEST AWARD to capacitate young scientists and physicians for scientific work and attendance on the NES congresses.


Conditions of the Budapest award

  • Winner: the best lecture of the next NES Congress presented by a young NES member.
  • Only the first author can win the award.
  • First author must be a NES member for a year.
  • He/she must be up to 40 years old.
  • Award: 300 Euros + free registration for the next NES congress.
  • Decision about the winner: votes of the headquarter of the NES (president, secretaries, vice-president, scientific coordinator), based on the abstract’s scientific merit.


We are searching for the possibilities of publication. Since the international Tinnitus Journal became an open access journal, (it means that the author must pay the charge of the publication). We have a new office-holder, the scientific coordinator, Professor Konstantin Trinus, (Kyiv, Ukraine). His duties:

  • Read and oppose the scientific papers that will come to our homepage or journal.
  • Check, whether it is congruent with our NES protocol or not.


Since dr Kersebaum cannot overtake the 45th NES congress in Germany, we decided, that the 45th Congress of Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society will be held in Kyiv, Ukraine from 23rd May.
The new homepage is:



2. Invitation for the international Teaching Course at Budapest


I would like to call your attention for an important event of the upcoming 2017 year.


Neurootology is a border-line problem of several specialties. Nowadays, when the patients’ number suffering from vertigo and tinnitus are increasing all over the world, the doctors who can deal with patients in correct way are missing. Different types of misdiagnosing and mistreatment are occurred. Most of the patients are going from one doctor to others without real and effective treatment, and collecting the medical reports, and getting anxious and neurotic.


To make this situation better, the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society must be a mission to organize international teaching course in basic level for doctors (doctors of general practice and emergency care units, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists and neurologists).


These international Courses could be the basis of spreading the NES protocol all over the world. The first course would be held in 10-11 November 2017 (Friday and Saturday), in Budapest. I would like to invite you and your colleagues who are interested in neurootology. The language of the course is English. The details of the course are in the attachment.


Members’ Assembly during the 45th Congress of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society will be held at the congress venue on 23rd May 23, at 12:30.



1. Report of the President

2. Election of the new office-holders

3. Election of the scientific coordinator

4. Decision about the next congresses

5. Discussion and decision about awards of the NES

6. Discussion about International Tinnitus Journal and publication possibilities

7. Others


Dr. Agnes Szirmai
President of the NES